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Interior Footwell lights (HELP!)


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Looking to spruce my car up a bit inside. A mod I quite like is interior footwell lights.

I have a Ford Fiesta - MK 7 - 2012 - EDGE trim.

So yeah it's the EDGE trim, the particular product I've been looking at on eBay is just bulbs that come. Do I have bulb holders already in my model?

I just don't want to buy them and not be able to fit them, would seem pretty pointless. Could someone include a picture of the bulb holder if my car does have them because I haven't a clue what they look like haha.


If I don't have them can you recommend a product please! Thanks in advance :)

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1 minute ago, pompeydave1967 said:


just put blue bulbs in my zetec 2015. ok not the most exciting mod but different. should see a small round hole underneath both footwells , you may well just be missing the bulbs but doublecheck. 

I see the hole, is it directly underneath the steering column? In the middle? 

Thanks for the reply :)

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20 hours ago, pompeydave1967 said:

yep thats it , its just a push in blue bulb i put in , you may well have the sockets then.

So I just put the bulbs into that hole? 

Is that the right one on the top right? Sorry I couldn't get a better picture, was in a rush.13607886_591765941000928_1633459814_n.jpg

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40 minutes ago, pompeydave1967 said:

yep just put the bulbs in , thats a bonus you have the sockets already there.just make sure the wiring is in tact.

Brilliant! I'll double check behind if the wiring is there, thanks for your help :D

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Got to admit the bulbs are a poor idea from Ford! bulbs get red hot and if anyone is fumbling underneath after the lights have been on you'll get a nasty burn as my 3 year old grandson found out as he helped me clean out the car one day and his arm touched the lit bulb! Never seen my grandson jump so much and then the tears started to roll!

Thanks Ford designers :angry: 

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