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Members Picture Albums queries.


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Is there a 'Sticky' for Members pictures anywhere? I've spent ages in here & also on the Home Page trying to find answers to my queries below,even tried the 'Search' function (including Tutorial) but have always come up against a brick wall,can anyone please give me some guidance regarding the following;
a) I've noticed that some Members have their Album link at the bottom of their posts. I've used the search function but can't find out how to do it,any suggestions?

b) I've created an Album for pictures by mistake,how do i delete it? I've tried everything obvious even deleting the title to a blank space & saved the page but i can't get rid of it,there doesn't seem to be a delete Album option so once again any suggestions would be welcome.

c) I've duplicated a picture in my main Album but can't delete it. I've tried clicking onto it then gone into 'Manage Attachments','Edit details' then hit the Delete icon (remove this attachment) at the bottom but it still stays there,once again any suggestions would be most welcome!
This forum has some quite good 'work arounds' in the way that it's presented & hosted,due no doubt to it evolving over time & the Mods making changes as & when but i can't be the first to experience problems doing something so simple,can I?
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