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Rear Bumper mystery plastic strip


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I want to fit a set of reversing sensors to my Fiesta 2014

When I look behind the rear bumper inside from the bottom upwards,  I find a plastic strip about an inch in width, which runs the entire horizontal length of the bumper

Its very flexible and can easily be moved
Just wondering what purpose this serves and can I remove it ?


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Why would you want to remove it? Its usefull for clipping the reverse sensor wiring so keeps wiring tidy under there. If your unsure where to locate sensors, postbup what model of fiesta you have then I can advise where to put them, normally on the fiesta the are marks on inside of bumper where original ones fit.

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2 hours ago, iantt said:

Why would you want to remove it? 

Maybe it might be easier for the OP to drill the holes with the black part removed ?

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I contemplated putting my sensors on the face side, until I looked behind to find this strip just where I wanted to drill

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