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MOT - Brake Test

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You get a print out of the emission test, you get a record of any advisories on the certificate, and obviously all the fails on the VT30 but you have no record of the brake test results unless you memorise them at the time:mellow:

Is it possible to have the results printed off now, or even downloaded to a USB drive?  Especially given the whole thing is computerised

Every time I get an MOT, I think I'll remember each result as I watch the tester do it. :mellow:

However, by the the time I get to update my service log, I've forgotten all the results, or I remember the numbers but not which circuit/brake they relate to, or just a solitary result.  For instance the only result I could remember on the the Mk1 Focus' MOT in December, when I got home was "5% imbalance" (but on what; I can't recall).:sad:

Admittedly most people don't need to record this level of detail but I like to write down everything I do or has been observed (in the case of MOT brake tests) for each car, in it's service log

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not everything is computerised on mot system, esp brake testers, some systems do a print out and others do not, the actual mot testing computer system has the readings inputted but all that does is evaluate if the readings are sufficient to pass each relevent minimum. 

then that is recorded as a simple pass or fail.

so basically unless there brake tester records the results on to computer back up then , i doubt you will be sucsessfull.



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Thanks Ian :smile:

Clearly I was crediting VOSA with more computerisation than they've actually provided their tester with

I'll have write the results down as they're displayed, or alternatively take a photo on my phone of each screen.


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