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Ford Fiesta ST Mk6. Double Locking Issues


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Hi all,

I hope you are well.

Recently I have been having issues with the double locking on my ST. Pressing the button once works every time, but the double lock only works when it feels like it and it seems to be getting worse and worse! I got a new fob battery off eBay thinking it potentially hasn't been changed in 7 years but i still have the same problem. It used to work when i would unlock the doors then re-lock it again but I was at Tesco the other day unlocking and re-locking hoping the double lock would kick in, must have looked a right lemon! 

Don't know if this means anything but i tried locking the car while i was inside to see what was going on and the doors lock fine but when i press the button again for the double lock I would just hear a click noise come from the dash to the right of the steering wheel but nothing happened! 

Has anyone had or heard of this problem? Did a bit of Googling and found a few forum posts with instructions to put the key in the lock turn it a few times, press some buttons. blah blah, i will try this on my lunch break at work and see if it works but I wanted to run it by you guys and girls first as I don't want to "reset" my key or anything! 

Just baffles me that the doors lock fine its just not having the double lock! 

Thank you!


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