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HELP! Immobiliser problems


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I have a 2010 fiesta titanium diesel.   I had it sat up for about  week or so, but when I went back to it, it wont start.   It doesn't even attempt to turn over, or click or do anything at all.     I've had break down come out who pointed out the immobiliser light is flashing...

so far, I have tried:

- jump starting with leads

- bump starting down a hill

- both sets of keys

- changing battery in keys

- disconnect battery for few hours

- locking and unlocking the car using the key rather than the remote locking

- a few different ways of trying to reprogramme key involving various combinations of ignition on and off and pressing buttons

- kicking the car in fustration


the Immobiliser light flashes for around a minute then flashes the following code:      one flash, followed by 6 flashes, then a pause...

Can anybody please tell me what the code suggests is wrong please?    Also, does anybody know the correct reprogrmme combination procedure for my car, so I can at least try it before it goes in to ford, who want £80 just to look at it, after iv paid £50 for a tow truck too...


many thanks in advance!!!

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2 hours ago, Mike777 said:

one flash, followed by 6 flashes, then a pause...

Flash code 16 means communications (CAN bus) error.

It is unlikely to be a key or key programming problem. It is that the Instrument Cluster (IC) and engine computer (pcm) are not talking to each other, most likely.

If you have a multimeter, the following simple resistance test can identify some faults on this CAN bus:

Stick a couple of suitable probes (un-bent paper clips can work quite well) in the diagnostic connector pins 6-14, put a DMM across the pair on voltage range, turn ignition on, note reading, turn ignition off, wait till voltage drops to zero (+/- 1 or 2 mV), switch to resistance range to check for 60 ohms.

If not 60 (+/- about 2), then there is a fault on the HS CAN bus. On older cars (2005 to 2007) this was usually a bad connection in the IC. There are also a couple of connectors to check, and I think a 3A fuse in the engine bay fuse box can cause similar problems.

A program like Forscan can check all the modules on the CAN bus, and give more information. To re-programm the PATS (immobiliser) system also needs Forscan or a similar advanced system.



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