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Door locking and closing problems


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I have recently got my hands on a 2003 mk6 fiesta zetec with loads of problems explaining why I got it for next to nothing!

When sat in the car the display says a door is open still and the interior light does not go out as it should. Leading me to think it's something to do with the central locking as this is playing up as well locking all the doors then unlocking all the doors!

I have taken the fuse out for the central locking and this has stopped the issue of locking and unlocking for now but I think once the door problem is sorted it will sort the locking out as well.

My question is does anyone know a reason for these problems or how to find out which door lock the problem is on????

Thanks for reading all efforts welcome !

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16 hours ago, Dazwalsh7 said:

how to find out which door lock the problem is on????


There is normally a "door ajar" switch built into each door lock. This sends a signal back to control the interior lamp & warning lamp.

Does your car have a "battery saver" function?. Leave the interior light on (in its normal "auto" mode) for 30 mins or so, & see if it goes out automatically.

Then try opening a door, and see if it comes on again. Opening the faulty door should not turn it on, as the car thinks that one is already open.

Otherwise it is remove the door trims one by one (inc tailgate), to test each door ajar switch. Or buy/borrow a Haynes, and see if it shows where the wires go (probably to the passenger fuse box), and test them there.

I have no detailed wiring info for this Fiesta. (If searching the Internet, the Mk number varies, sometimes a 2003 Fiesta is called Mk5, sometimes Mk6)


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