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Bit of a daft cleaning question


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Hi all 

Bit of a daft question but what do you all use to keep you windows clean and smudge and streak clear, i can never get it clean when i was my car nothing in my arsenal will get rid of the lines.


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2 things. A bit of this to cut through the crap on the screen:


And if I feel like it, I will follow with a bit of this:



£1.70 and both last ages.

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25 minutes ago, AlexBartlam said:

nice thanks all think i need to get new cloths as well might help, the ones i have just seem to leave lint and other little bits when im going over it 

I had the same problem for a while to be honest kitchen roll is the best thing I've found as each piece picks up all the rubbish on your glass and then you throw it away and don't reapply it back onto your glass. I've also found this to be the best way to avoid smears and get it perfect every time. Astonish glass cleaner is by far the best. 

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