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Sorted out some of my detailing supplies for new car


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A lot, in fact most of these I already had, but the car (hopefully today ) is going to get the detailing of its life when it gets here.

We have:

Gtechniq w4 snow foam

Dragons breath fallout spray

Supernatural glue / tar remover

Poorboys slick and suds shampoo

Meguiars clay

Dodo juice Born slippy lube

Poorboys ssr1 

Poorboys black hole glaze

Poorboys exp sealant

Dodo juice purple haze wax

Swissvax autobahn wheel wax

Turtle wax interior spray

AG exterior plastics spray

AG fast glass

AG tyre dressing

Poorboys tyre dressing 

Gtechniq I1 interior cloth spray


All for one application for one car

Ps yes I know I don't need sealant and wax and yes I know I don't need two tyre dressings but I'm fussy



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Good luck its all in the detail.

Some people never bother, some people send it to car detailing companies who have lots of good equipment and skill for even better application and finish. BUT nothing quite beats the satisfaction of doing it yourself if you have the free time. Some pretty decent products there too.

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12 minutes ago, Ian Lanc said:

Looks like a load of s*x lubes to me! :blush:


I dare you to have any libido after smelling the dragons breath! By Jimny that stuff stinks

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