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Audio Playback problem


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hi everyone, never done this before so please bare with me :)

i currently own a ford fiesta 2010 Ztec, the car is fine and when i got the car 8 months a go the stereo has never really worked 100%, when i got the car music playing via bluetooth worked fine. about 6 months later the music play back started to skip and jump, at first i thought it was Spotify playing up so i tried some music from my iTunes library and the same problem happened. i tried connecting my phone to a friends car and the music played fine with no interruptions. Making calls and receiving calls i have no problem with and the sound is clear but as soon as i play music via bluetooth there is interference? its not so much of a problem for me but in a few months i am looking to put the car on the market and i believe this is a standard feature that everyone know looks for in a car these days so i would like to try and get the problem fixed before i sell it. 

i have tried resetting the bluetooth module under the glove box and that did nothing, i have tried resetting my phone and the apps i use and still no joy... any help will be much appreciated. 


thanks :) 

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Does your car have a USB or AUX input you could try these if you have them and see if the problem is the bluetooth its self, or you could try having your phone in a mount on the window to see if its getting blocked, if its in your pocket.

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