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Engine Whine (Video of fault included)


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So my 2003(53) 1.4 Zetec has been making an intermittent whine since January 2016 and this week it has become louder and a few other issues have grabbed my attention. Firstly the whine is coming from the belt section in the engine bay (see video) and the coolant in the engine is bubbling and at boiling point. It is that hot that you cant even touch the coolant container. I managed to capture a short video of the sound and where I think it is coming from. The car has done 67,000 miles roughly and I've had it since October 2015 and only had to replace an o2 sensor.

Every time I take it into the garage the sound isn't there so they have nothing to go off. I should also mention that the temperature gauge on the dashboard rises into the 'normal' section but doesn't say that it is operating an an unusually high temperature. There are also no engine codes present or pending on the dashboard.

Please if possible can someone diognose the problem briefly so I have an idea what it might be that I need to inform my garage about? Thanks in advance.

Video Link(YouTube):


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Wow what a noise! Have you taken the belt covers off and see if it still making that noise ? Sounds like something is rubbing on plastic at high speed.

 Check all the plaggy guards.

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