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Insurance Prices 2016?


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Hey all, 

A bit of a general question but have people noticed a big increase in their insurance renewal quotes? This time last year my insurance was around £550-600 with many companies on price comparison sites (I got it for £580 with Admiral), where as this year my renewal quote and prices on comparison sites is closer to £800. All that has happened in the past year is I've gained a years no claims so I can only assume insurers have bumped up the prices a hell of a lot.

Cheers, Jonny  

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i know this isn't possible for most people but when i was on compare the market changing the start date from next day to a month later the price drop was about £200 for me, luckily managed to get decent insurance when i got my fez.

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1 hour ago, Joss max said:

Insurance quotes is an art.

Always challenge why it has gone up

Loyalty means nothing to most of the ins co

Shop around and haggle haggle haggle

Your probably right, although I've been with my current insurance company for 4 years and they usually beat or match the cheapest quote I find on the comparison sites every year and include most of the extra's the others don't.

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last few months has seen an increase in general insurance rates across the board.... 

Mine stayed the same after shopping around though. 

Start dates not the factor its how far infront you quote... people that do it in advance are seen as less risk rather than those that do it night before

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go on confused.com and get the cheapest quote then tell your insurance the price,they will match it.

my renewal was 200 more than the same companies confused.com quote?

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