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hello, my name is Sam and I hopefully pick up my fiesta on Tuesday.

I am having a slight bit on second thoughts on an issue I found on the second test drive, could somebody help put my mind at rest please

P.s if this is not the right place, please be kind to me

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2008 1.4 zetec

My wife noticed when she was siting in passenger side that the side panel got hot and also she said found a pipe behind console which was also hot,she nearly burnt her hand. I put it down to an extremely warm day and air con needing re gassing, but after googling I am now confused.

I am currently in two minds what to do, because I don't want to pull out of buying the car, but I don't also want a perminantly burnt leg.

Is is this a known issue with Fiestas or just on this car I am looking at? can it be rectified?



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not too sure but some one else mentioned this the other day saying that they could feel the panel getting burning hot where they felt like they would burn there selfs they said they spoke to ford or a garage cant quite remember which said there isnt any heat proofing there and thats what causes the issue but only time iv ever heard of it was then

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Hello and welcome Sam

Try posting this in the fiesta section. also maybe try running a search on your specific problem to see if anyone else has come across this.


You could and should mention this to the dealer your buying the car from.


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