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pick up new car on tues


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my name is Sam and I am picking up my new fiesta on tuesday( 2008 1.4 Zetec)

After having a second test drive I googled something that I picked up. I have also looked on this forum and cannot find a definite answer.

My wife noticed when she was siting in passenger side that the side panel got hot and also she said found a pipe behind console, I put it down to an extremely warm day and air con needing re gassing, but after googling I am now confused.

I am currently in two minds what to do, because I don't want to pull out of buying the car, but I don't also want a perminantly burnt leg.

could someone please help in my decision what to do and if this is a serious problem or something that can be rectified.



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There is a very hot pipe behind the trim on the centre console passenger side as you say. Don't know what it for possibly heater?but from personal experience it's !Removed! hot if you touch it with bare hands. 

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