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Interior lighting

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Hi guys, this is my first post!

So I have a focus mkii from 2008. A while back I took it into Trust Ford garage to repair a water ingress in the boot whilst the car was under warranty but during the repair they completely removed all the wiring for the boot light and didn't replace it. I only found this out when I recently took the car to Halfords for them to fit a new bulb (as I thought that's why I had no light in the boot). Ford are now refusing to replace the wiring with out payment as warranty has now run out...

so this brings me onto my topic. I'm wondering if anyone has the know how of sourcing parts and installing. I'd like to put in some coloured LED lights in the boot and also into the footwell, maybe in the dashboard aswell.

let me know what you guys think, and what is doable on a budget with little to no knowledge :)


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I have put blue LED's in my mk7 fiesta zetec s in the footwell.. they are very simple to do.. first I ordered 4/5 strips of LED lights (approx. 4 inches long) then found a fuse that was only live when the cars ignition was switched on or started up ( e.g the rear wiper blade) run 2 live cables from that to the led strip and connected them together.. earthed it and wired my switch in.. can be a bit tricky finding what fuss to use but as long as u have a diagram you should be able to do this no problem 

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