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Focus mk2 Sony radio Aux connection?


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Hey guys, Quick question.

I have an 06 focus with the standard radio installed. I've already done the Aux mod in which you have the connecting cable plugged into the block in the back of the radio and then run the cable down into one of the blank switch plates. This is handy, but I fancy getting one of the upgraded Sony radios that were standard in the Ghia and higher spec models.

The question I have is, does the Sony radio support AUX and is it just the matter of doing the same plug and play I did with the standard radio or is there more too it?

Attached is the aux connection cable I used to give you an idea.


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Thanks for the reply. So it's just a straight plug in and go? Great. One last thing, Will the Sony radio fit straight in or will I need an adaptor kit or anything like that to get it to go in the dash?

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