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Fiesta in the German WRC.


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6 hours ago, SpannerTheCat said:

Just seen a Fiesta in the German WRC Championships on 13th August & thought i'd share it


Thanks for the share. There's a Fiesta I'd love to have. 

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Apart from the looks and a few commom parts, its unfortunately nothing like you could buy from your Ford agent. When there used to be local car clubs  there were privateers who could build fast road/special stages cars and race them. Saturday nights used to be a fun time for 12 car night road rallys. My mate had what was then considered to be the fastest Lotus Escort in the UK. I had a full works Escort Mexico replica ., built up from a Shell bought from Fords AVO. Had a race with some German police in a BMW on an autobahn early one morning.

Unfortunately these days are long gone apart from a lucky few who can afford the costs.

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Last time i heard it was looking like it was going to finish sixth,can't imagine what the first place car's pace was :ohmy:

There is the Fiesta M-Sport Edition (ST-1 Base vehicle) with 215PS/320Nm with a Quaife LSD available from http://m-sportedition.co.uk/ at Dovenby Hall near Cockermouth,Cumbria. The owner is ex Rally Driver Malcolm Wilson OBE who manages & runs the Ford World Rally Team with his M-Sport operation,the younger Members on here may find this Wiki quite interesting; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malcolm_Wilson_(rally_driver) . There is a list of Ford Dealers who offer the modifications listed on their website.

@Spanner the Cat goes to look for small change behind the sofa.......................................................................................  



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Edited to add the Ford Dealers info.
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