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Thinking about changing the 2 X W5W bulbs and 2 X W6W (front and middle) Bulb  in the courtesy lights.  Was thinking about keeping the reading lights white and changing the courtesy lights to red.  Im thinking about LED but had issues when I tried to change the foot well bulbs as the LED Bulbs I bought didn't work.  Is there any particular type of bulb I need to get or will the cheapest eBay bulbs do the job?


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1 hour ago, ayrshiredude said:

 LED bulbs I bought didn't work.  

try removing the  led rotate 180 degrees and reinsert. although they will fit the holder 2 different ways. they will only light when inserted the correct way if that makes sense

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I have the cheapest LEDs from eBay in my Red Edition, and they do the job.

The only thing which could annoy you is that they give a slight subtle light in the night, because of their lower resistance. When driving in night conditions u will allways see a subtle white light, for the courtesy ones (front and back). It's not visible from outside.

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