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Can't get 09 reg fiesta to enter key program mode


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Hi all,


 I recently got a replacement key fob for my fiesta mk7, I'm trying to link the remote to my car.


Everything I've read online and in my owners manual suggests that I need to turn the ignition on/off 3 times to enter a mode to go into a key program mode, the trouble is I can't get this to work.


I've tried every possible variation I can think of with the ignition, but it just doesn't enter any kind of key mode, no beep or visual cues.


Anyone have any ideas? I think I saw a suggestion on one forum to check the fusebox? not sure which fuse I would need to check.




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1 hour ago, Ewan_468 said:

owners manual suggests that I need to turn the ignition on/off 3 times to enter a mode to go into a key program mode

For most Fords, including Fiesta from the 2013 owners manual, the entry method is to turn from 0 to 2, 4 times in six seconds. From the 2013 manual:

1. Turn the ignition key from position 0 to
position II four times within six
2. Turn the ignition to position 0. A tone
sounds to indicate that it is now
possible to program a remote control.
3. Press any button on a new remote
control within 10 seconds. A tone will
sound as confirmation.
4. Repeat step three within 10 seconds
for each new remote control. Do not
remove the key from the ignition when
pressing the button on the remote
5. Switch the ignition back on (position
II) or wait for 10 seconds without
programming another remote control
to end the key programming. Only the
remote controls which you have just
programmed are now able to lock and
unlock your vehicle.

See if that works. Do not hurry the procedure, operate at a steady rate within the allowed time.

Re fuses: If all the normal functions work (central locking, and engine starting etc), then there are no additional fuses for the programming procedure.

The key you use in the ignition should be one capable of starting the car, that is it is a valid key for the immobiliser system. The key in the ignition does not need to be the new one.

Any help?


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4 hours ago, Ewan_468 said:

I recently got a replacement key fob for my fiesta mk7 .....

There is still no beeping sound

A point I did not notice in the 1st post, is the word replacement. Do you have another remote fob that does work, or is the new one the only one? The reason for this is it looks like there is a fault in the central locking system somewhere.

A fuse or wiring fault would stop at least part of the remote controlled locking/unlocking system from working.

If all of the remote locking/unlocking system works with another key, and it will not go into programming mode, it looks to me like the BCM (aka GEM) is at fault.

You could check out all other BCM related functions: Seat belt & lights on chimes, indicators, dimming/delay on interior lights, door ajar warnings, wash/wipe, etc etc. (I think the programming beep is the same sound as lights on or seat belt.)

I have had a good look on the net for Fiesta fuse box info, but no clear results on the central locking fuses. One person on this site said F24, but that was for a 2004, Mk6. Though the Mk numbers vary, Mk7 in the UK is usually called Mk6 or sixth generation elsewhere.

Best info I have found is: http://www.autogenius.info/ford-fiesta-mk7-2008-07-21-2009-01-04-fuse-box-eu-version/

Try checking any fuses to do with the doors, windows, mirrors, or the BCM (Body Control Module).


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Thanks for the reply.

I should have explained my situation more clearly originally. 

I bought the car with a key fob which I new was faulty, thinking I could easily get a replacement. So no, I don't have a working remote key.

I have the fuse box layouts in the owners manual so I will have a look through them, and also check the BCM functions you mentioned. I know the door open alert works.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.

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1 hour ago, Ewan_468 said:

I bought the car with a key fob which I new was faulty,


There is no guarantee that the car actually has remote locking. It was, a maybe still is, an option to not have remote locking when buying new. Some buyers are suspicious of it.

It may be possible to use the Ford ETIS system (https://www.etis.ford.com/) to check by inputting your VIN. I think that service is free.

If it does have remote locking, it looks like the fault is in the car, not the key. Could be the receiver is not working. But I can not track down a separate receiver for this Fiesta type, so it may be built in to the BCM.

Aftermarket remote systems are available, but I have read several reports of these not working and causing problems. Before installing one of these, I would get a Haynes, look at the wiring info, try to understand how it fitted, and carefully test operation stage by stage.

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Sorry if I might be Off topic, but I think we might have the same problem

I woke up Saturday morning and my car just would not unlock with the remote, first I thought it might be the battery of the car, but when opening the vehicle with the key everything worked 100%

So next up I thought it might be the battery, funny thing is it never gave any indication that the battery was dying, so I changed the CR2032 battery in the remote and still nothing, next up was google, so I basically did everything as above, and after four turns of the ignition between | and || it made the sound "ding" all good, but after this it just doesn't want to program my key, not even my spare key works, I don't get any reaction after the first "Ding" sound, what to do next??? any help would be appreciated.

PS I have a 2011 MK7 fiesta

OK I spoke to soon, after typing all this I decided why not try programming my spare key and "Walla" it works, so definitely a problem with my main key, funny, I never got it wet or fell or anything like that, one minute it worked the next it didn't


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