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Fiesta 2006 Speaker Upgrade


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Hey everyone. I hope your all doing grand today. :)

I spotted some Speakers online and thinking "is this too good to be true"? 


I have a Sony MEXN6001BD Head Unit and would like some Speakers which would work well with this unit. The price of the above Speakers seem to be very good but I have never heard of the manufacturer and dont really know which manufacturers are good or bad these days. I'd like full range speakers if possible as I do not currently have the option of fitting a separate sub woofer. However I do like my bass :) 

My Fiesta Style MK6 2006 has the standard 5x7 speakers currently fitted and I'd obviously like something much better. Unfortunately I do not have a great budget so need to compromise. My budget is Max £100. Yes... I know... not much at all. :(

I have also seen these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ALPINE-200W-2Way-5-x7-5x7-SXE-Car-Door-Shelf-Speakers-/371057196050?hash=item5664bb7c12

If you need anymore info please let me know. Any help/advice you guys and gals can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks in advance.

Andrew :)


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