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Lights On Dash


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Hey, I have recently purchased a Mk2 Focus LX, I was told the clocks were changed in the car. I still have a few lights on the dash and was wondering if someone could help me get rid of them plz. I have an ambient temperature sensor light on but this model doesnt have one.... I've looked and I could possibly fit one if I could find where sells them? The other light is saying that my battery is not being charged.... I've had this checked and my battery is being charged, again.... some kind of sensor? Any help is greatly welcomed. Thanks again.... John.


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4 hours ago, JohnnyLJ said:

I have an ambient temperature sensor light on but this model doesnt have one..

The ambient temp. sensor has a 2 wire connection, White/Black & Brown/yellow wires accrding to my info, somewhere behind the front bumper. If this connector is there, you could fit a sensor, or just a resistor. I would try a 4.7kohm or 10k ohm resistor. That is typical for most thermistors at normal room temp, and should make the light go out. I did search eBay for "focus outside temperature sensor", and it came up with 2, one £65, one cheaper, from china, but did not seem compatible.

Another way might be to use ELMConfig. Just search this site. Needs an adapter costing about £15.

A possible adapter is:


This program can enable/disable many options on a Mk2 Focus.

It is likely the original car the IC (Cluster) came from had this sensor, and it was not disabled during the change.

The battery light problem is more likely to be an alternator or wiring problem. I know of no programmable options for this.

There is a 3 way connector on the alternator. One wire (pin 3, red) goes to F31 in the engine bay fuse box (permanent 12v), the two others go to the pcm, and carry control signals. If these wires are broken or badly connected, I think the alternator still works, but in a default mode. It could possibly over or under charge the battery at times.



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Thankyou for the reply Peter. I will purchase a sensor to try and fix the temp problem..... there is wires behind the front bumper but its capped off, no sensor there, as its only an LX but the clocks must be from a higher trim level focus..... The battery icon is a weird one as my battery is being charged.... I will check all the wires before possibly buying a new alternator, or atleast a recon.... Many thanks Peter :)

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