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Total Odometer Reset


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Just finished doing my daily pick up of the wife from work and pulled up outside my house, was just about to get out of the car, when i noticed that the total odometer (not trip computer) read 0000001, now i know that the car has done at least 45K, and not sure what has caused this.

So i come to you and ask for your wisdom, as looking round the web i can't find anything to do with it.



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12 hours ago, khevolution said:

i noticed that the total odometer (not trip computer) read 0000001,

You're the lucky one, the value of the car has just shot upwink.png.

More seriously, it will raise questions if you sell the car, the MoT history will show it. It will look like a replacement IC (Instrument cluster).

It is very difficult to reduce the mileage, there have been quite a few discussions about this. There is no widely known way, though some companies offer the service for a hefty fee. Programs like Forscan can increase the mileage, so a new IC can be made to read right.

I assume it has not gone into some other display mode, that can be set back to normal by some button sequence?

Make a note of the event & date on your vehicle history pack (eg on the MoT document), and keep an eye open for other odd symptoms. Up to you if you want to go down the Forscan route to correct it, or to a garage that has Ford IDS. Though a garage may charge £80 or more for the privilege!.

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go into test mode and see what milage(will show in km) shows up. press and hold the ok button on the steering wheel controls, either left or right depending on age and switch ign on. wait a few seconds and test will show up, scroll up or down using the up down buttons until you get to km.

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