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Changing Gear/Clutch Grinding Noise


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Hello Everyone,

Re: Changing Gear/Clutch Grinding Noise - Ford Fiesta Ghia, 2003, 1596cc

Went on a 5 mile round trip today and noticed that when I pressed the clutch in I could hear (and feel) a grinding noise/vibration through the clutch pedal..  

I've noticed for quite a while (year+) that when I set off in first gear there's a judder when lift the clutch out and start moving, but it only happens in first gear.

Any advice would be most appreciated, especially possible repair costs?

All the best,


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Like he said it's definitely the clutch release bearing I had the same problem on a 06 plate 407 never buy a peugeot please it is a costly business I've had 4 not out of my choice (my dad bought me them) sorry to go off topic but just thought I should warn people.

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