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Driving in Europe 2015 Titanum


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I've had a browse around the Internet and various forums but I still can't find a definitive answer so here goes.

Will I need eurolites or equivalent to drive my 2015 fiesta titanium in Europe? I've read that projector headlights can be adjusted but reflector headlights can't. I'm unsure which type of headlight I have, when I asked at my local Ford dealer they said that no fiesta headlights can be adjusted and that eurolites are my only option. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

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The French in particular are starting to pick on British cars, especially around the Calais/Coquelles area. The Belgians less so on the border, but not unheard of. That's the price of an out vote and the problems caused by 'the jungle' encampment and those exploiting its 'residents'!

Strongly suggest you drive totally legally, as they love an on the spot fine!

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I'll be driving from the Netherlands into Germany and back again. 

Wouldn't just lowering the headlights using the switch on the dashboard be enough to stop dazzling on coming traffic? 

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The projector headlamps have a horizontal cut-off line. When you lower the beam with the switch on your dashboard, it should be fine.
At least, that's what I did when I visited the UK last month. No upcoming traffic flashed there high beam, so they were not dazzled by my headlamps.

If you've got the reflector headlamps, you should buy the eurolite stickers. Because those headlamps do not have such a fine cut-off line and are more likely to dazzle upcoming traffic.

No police officer (at least in the Netherlands) will stop UK cars if there are no stickers on there headlamps. As long as the aren't blinding any upcoming traffic.

If you're still not sure, just buy the eurolites. They are not that expensive.

(Off-topic: I spotted a few posts back that you've had bad DAB reception. Since you are visiting the Netherlands, use 11C and 12C for the nationwide public and commercial DAB+. Enjoy your time in Europe:biggrin:)

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