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Running Hot After New Timing belt and water pump


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Hi all, ive been on here for a while just never posted anything, Sorry if this is in the wrong place

I have a ZS 09 petrol, Its just been in to have its timing belt and water pump done. Before going in was running fine and fan hardly came on, But scine i have had it back it seems to be running alot hotter than normal and you can smell it alittle too.

Ive had a look at the coolant level and they filled it above the max line and above the top return hose. I went back to ford and told them and they said it should settle and come down after awhile as it might have air in the lines still. Ive have the car for about 7 hours now and doing little trips and its still the same. Ive took some of the coolant out so its on the max mark and not covering the top return hose.

All the hoses coming and going from the radiators and expansion tank are hot.

I went into the dash secert menu thing to find the temp and its running between 95c and 105c, it creeps upto 105c then the fan comes on then goes back to 95c. This takes around 5mins.

Went for a drive and it comes down to around 80, but goes stright back up as soon as ive stopped at traffic lights or something.

Its never ran this hot unless i have pushed it hard but then it cooled down stright away.

And ford only took 4hours to do the timing belt and water pump which seems abit rushed when they said i should plan for them having the car all day.

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