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Any truely bad products


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OK, so I have a new to me, low mile Focus Tit X estate. It has no swirls and the dealer has done a pretty decent job of polishing that car up. I know it won't last and I will need to get busy.

As always technique is the key when keeping the car clean and swirl free. snow foam, 2 bucket, lambswool mitt etc.

My main question is are there any products that people should stay away from for fear of doing a damaging job?

I don't have much time when cleaning the car, while I would buy good stuff if it is worth it. At the same time I don't want to ruin good waxes\polishes etc by having too little time to get the results.

Is Carbon Collective Glass 5 times better than Rain-X?

Is Billberry 5 times better than Carplan Valet Wheel Wash?

detailing or in my case, cleaning a car competently but not meticulously, is a personal opinion on what works.

If anyone is up to the challenge, why not put together a £50, £75, £100, £200, Sky is the limit detail\cleaning kit

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As you've mentioned it's mostly in the method, although a good portionnlies with the products used.


First of all, has the dealer actually machine polished it? Or just applied something like aytoglym super resin polish to hide imperfections?



 Carbon collective glass & wheels are brilliant. Their other products are rubbish


Can't say I've used either of those wheel cleaners. My personal favourite is Kleen Freaks non acidic wheel cleaner. 


A nice fast way if sealing the paintwork is by using a product such as Infinity Wax Express Sealant. Simply spray on through a foam lance or spray bottle and rinse off. Job done. 3 months protection

To protect your wheels I'd recommend ODK Waxes Momentum wheel wax. Samples are available exclusively  from Cleanyourridesamples UK. 

Bad products I'd suggest staying away from; 

Autobrite magifoam, stupidly thick, doesn't clean very well and extremely overpriced. 

Most of the autobrite products are reported and overpriced. 


Anything from CSP, as it's recently come to my attention that is rebottled stuff and isn't anything fancy like the "manufacturer" claims 


Feel free to message me and I'll give you any advice you feel you need 




Discount available for FOC supporters 

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Thanks Kieran

Not sure what the dealer has done, it only has 2.5k miles on it in 9 months from new. So I reckon it could still be looking fresh, the reflections look fine. I saw some of your Hologram Horrors on other threads. Even if it is Autoglym, it looks good to me.

I'll give Carbon Collective Glass a shot, decent price on the famous auction site right now, delivered.

As for other products, I only listed them as good v mainstream as examples of what people may choose between. This end of the Forum seems pretty quiet, the Vendors in the middle makes me think it's the bottom of the Forum.

I'll have a look at some of the products you suggested. Though I did pull the plug on 25l of Carplan Wheel Cleaner, I am a sucker for bargains. Even if I dislike it I can punt it on for a profit. There is nothing like the sting of 4% Hydrochloric Acid spray on your arms when cleaning the car :rolleyes:

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