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Mk5 Fiesta Heater Control Valve Replacement...

Angus Young

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Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 2003  (U.K.)  (Mk5)




I have a persistent overheating problem and Google has turned up the Heater Control Valve as a possible culprit (cited symptoms matched mine exactly). Bought a new valve and have attempted to replace, following various examples found on the web. Looked relatively straight forward. Problem is, all the examples found show it to be a simple matter of removing the plastic panel below the wipers and this reveals the valve sitting at the end of the two pipes (the red arrows in the attached pic) that lead into this panel. Well, having removed the plastic panel and a few other large plastic parts (that don't seem to be mentioned in the examples) I find that I've arrived at a metal bulkhead (yellow arrow) that is not present in the examples and it doesn't seem possible to access the valve from the engine bay. Seems that it will require removal of various bits of the dash to come at it from within the cabin. Is this correct or am I missing something? Is the Mk5 different from other Mk's?


What a pain! Lol!




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