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Dealer service vs service stop


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Hi, I was wondering what general opinions are about dealer service vs alternatives these days. There seem to be a lot of options. 

Dealer quoted me £270 for a3yr full service. service stop cost £122!

Any reason why dealer service is worth over three times the price? ( eg Not sure what the ford 30 point eCheck is but maybe the independents don't do this?)

I have a grand cmax with 1.6L ecoboost.


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If you had seen the guys in my local ford dealership you would take it else where. My  mate took his car to them with a issue. £150 later did not find the problem. Gave car back. Took it to a local garage. Found 5 issues on his 400 quid diagnostics machine.felt sorry for him and didn't charge. What I'm trying to say  is just because they stamp your book with a ford stamp. It doesn't mean your car will be any better. After my experience with my local ford's I will never set foot in there again

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there are good and bad ford dealers, and good and bad independents, using either should depend on recomendations from friends/relatives if at all possible.

as for ford dealer price , if you factor in the free aa breakdown cover , that can make it not so bad if your paying for aa/rac cover separately.

but indy at£122 is cheap. make sure it includes sparkplugs .

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