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mr rugby

Mood lighting

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Today I installed two blue led lamps (4 bulbs per lamp, minimum, for brightness) in the passenger footwells instead of the standard white ones... (type 501's from e*ay)

They looked quite nice, but it needed something to set them off against the black carpets.

As my car had the proper ford c-max mats fitted already, I popped into @alfords and purchased some chrome ("u"type) strip, used for edging motorcycle fairing screens.

The mats are pre-cut at an angle as they fit under the footwell. I cut approx 10 inches of chrome strip and forced the strip over the edge of the carpet (it contains adhesive in the "u")

I could have covered the whole of the carpet edge with chrome but it looked too much.

I xtra glued the strip at various points for good adhesion.

After placing the mats back in the car, when the Blue led's light up, they now reflect off the chrome strip giving a stunning effect in the footwells. You can of course pick Any colour led's to suit your taste.

When it stops !Removed! raining i'll post a few pics.

Hope this may be off help to someone.

Mr rugby.

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I have done something similar in my Puma.

I brought some led lights from halfords. I got four, two in each foot well. I went for green to match my light cluster.

They are wired into my cigarette lighter and there is a switch for them hidden in my ashtray.

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I wanted Mine to produce a more subtle colour effect.

Yours seem quite bright, fair play.

The tubes seem very powerful, probably too much for me but what an effect they create.

I did try a multi colour led but it made my car look like a flippin christmas tree.

well done to you

mr rugby

These arent my Xr2i, but they are from my Mitsubishi Colt, C5model, hope you like...






these wernt LEDs tho, they were fluorescent tubes.

Piggy :)

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Depends, see with no chrome or alloy pedals, they dont show up as much as you think from the photos.

But I had chrome mats once, and couldnt see out when driving at night, but they looked cool ata show...so you may need to experiment.

In the XR2i, i used LEDs more, couple in the headlining here and there and it created an overall blue glue.

Just for info, the boot/sound system is using LEDs, only 4 or five from memory on each spot!

Piggy :)

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