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Please help fuel filter nightmares

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Focus 1.6 TDCI 2006


Today I changed my fuel filter, Fitted a new Bosch ( metal canister type) filter connected a brand new fuel priming tool and when I squeeze the plastic bulb no mater how many times no fuel comes. It has a air tight seal on both ends the tool is brand new made by laser. I have watched a video on you tube and he uses the same tool, and gets fuel through within a minute what am I doing wrong? Yes the I have changed lots of fuel filters before with out a problem and yes the tool is the right way round and connected to the outlet of the pump. Please help guys need my car on the road cheers.

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9 hours ago, Stormtrooper said:

brand new fuel priming tool and when I squeeze the plastic bulb no mater how many times no fuel comes.

I recently bought a Laser 3719 Fuel Transfer Pump from eBay, and as supplied, it was absolutely useless!sad.png Both non-return valves leaked like sieves.

I took it apart (as you do, if you are a bit of an electronics, pumps & valves geek!), there were bad mold flash lines on the valve inserts. Also no return springs, so it has to be used vertically with the outlet pointing up. I put rubber O-rings into the valves, removed the worst of the flash, and it just about worked. Of course I could have just sent it back (it had not gone near any fuel at this time), but too late after being taken to bits!

When you say it is on the outlet of the pump, I guess you mean the outlet of the filter. It certainly would not work on the high pressure (metal pipe) side of the pump. I prefer to use it on the inlet side of the filter, as there is less chance of getting dirt into the pump & injectors.

I also guess you have the filter outlet pipe disconnected, or partly so, to let the air out. If using it vertical does not work, then your choices are: get another pump, mend that one, or try another method like a syringe.

Why Ford did not install a priming system on these cars, I do not know!:wacko:


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Well she's alive after filling the filter several times and fuel lines with new diesel. She eventually splutted into life, I have changed many filters before but that was the worst one by far.

ps I emptied the contents of my old filter and was horrified to see it full of black particles inside even though my focus has a full service history. I think if I had left it very soon my EM light would be on.

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