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Zetec s TDCI


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Hi everyone,

I am new to this, I have 07 plate fiesta zetec s tdci and im looking to do some subtle mods to it, so far ive installed a HID conversion kit which looks amazing.

I am thinking about spraying the trim like door handles, fog light surroundings etc.

I want to make it sound a little meaner but cant afford a full exhaust system does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? can I just install a back box or is there more to it.

any suggestions on any modifications will be helpful








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Hi Ollie,


I have an 07 plate Zetec S, I'm literally in the same boat with figuring out what I can do to my car to make it more mine but that doesn't take too long or cost too much!


Do you have Instagram I have added a fair few people who have done a lot of work I want to do and are more than helpful with advising where to get stuff and how to fit it!


1 thing I did straight away was go on www.powerbulbs.co.uk or .com and ordered some Phillips replacement headlight bulbs and sidelight bulbs (I need to get the fogs soon but they're a little bit more pricey) I went for the Philips X-Treme 130% headlight bulbs and Philips sidelights called WhiteVision.. I have been looking to change them again as the headlights are upto 3,700 kelvin and the sidelights are I think 3,600 kelvin and I want the 4,300 kelvin Philips headlights bulbs called WhiteVision for a clearer white modern look but I'm not sure if the distance will reduce from the X-Treme bulbs I have as it doesn't say but the X-Treme 130% ones are pretty white but I want a more white with a blue tint for style but not at the cost of vision as I said the X-Treme ones are pretty decent. I've recently seen the Philips Xtreme Vision 360 6,000 kelvin or 8,000 kelvin sidelight bulbs with the 6,000 being white and the 8,000 being white with a blue tint but im

not in a rush to change them just yet haha only just swapped out the stock ones 2 weeks ago!


I am looking to take the front grill off, bumper grill, fog housing, side scuff panels, rear reflector housing, rear diffuser, door handles and side mirrors to do the full strip down and respray Ford panther black before putting them back on again just because the stock colour is a bit rubbish and with them all being resprayed it'll match the tinted windows and pop against the silver metallic paint (need good weather conditions to be able to do it all though as it'll be done outside).


I am also going to take of the A/C vent rings and windscreen vents either side of the dash visable, gear shifter ring to strip down and paint red to match the S badge colour. I have stuck an S badge on the front grill to the right too.


I have an S badge sticker that I need to stick on the chrome lower arm on the steering wheel.


I want to take the headlamps out and respray the inner housing black and de-tango the front and rear indicators which means take the orange plastic out and I think replace with a bulb that is clear but flashes orange so it looks smarter and more stylish but warming the glue up around the class and housing to release it is a bit dodgy haha not too keen on doing it incase I ruin the headlights completely which in winter isn't smart!


I have ordered scuff panels for the doors (3 door car) which look chrome and have 2 stripes and an S in the middle etched in in white frost ish look.


I was just looking at Alpine 5x7 Coaxal 2 way door Speakers as mine are ok, I can put the stereo on 20 but it isn't great haha the 5x7 will fit straight in too and the year of mine and maybe even yours do not have separate tweeters so those Speakers are totally fine. They just need adaptors to connect the stock cable to the aftermarket and put the door panel back on and done!

I want to get a double din headunit that's touch screen etc but that's like £160-£250 which I don't have just yet as the above is relatively inexpensive. I will probably get an amp later too but you don't need the amp or the head unit to upgrade the Speakers! The sound will be better than the stock speakers you just won't get the best ever sound but it's an improvement on the stock and when you do get an amp and head unit you'll be loving it more!


I was looking at swapping my door pulls from black plastic to the ST chrome looking ones and they're between £10 and £50 each lol


I'm probably going to get a from splitter that you bolt on and a rear diffuser and they're from http://www.triplercomposites.com/ and are in total I think £200 and matched with the resprayed exterior plastic looks spot on! Really stylish and sporty!

Thinking about a red from Tow strap that doesn't screw on and hang out but actually attaches inside the bumper and then sits on the rim hole entry and down as I like that more than a bolt sticking out with it flopping around lol


This is my first car too, so I don't want to do too much but she is sound! The previous owners boyfriend was a Ford mechanic and looked after her and changed a lot of the mechanics before ot was too late so I've got thousands of miles left before I need to do anything!

But I would like to get a Cat back exhaust system or full exhaust system from manifold to tip but that's like £700 without labour but the sound is something else! If I got that I would also get the K&N induction air filter kit to top it off.

I would also like to upgrade the rear drums and front callipers and discs to slightly bigger which I believe can be done by getting the same brakes as an old Mondeo that are like 20cm bigger maybe but not 100% sure as I haven't looked into it too much, this would come with hopefully having the rear drums black and from callipers red. Also new break lines for better performance.

Followed by having the stock 16" alloys refurbed and sprayed Ford panther black too or buying new alloys completely if I was going to spend around £280-£400.

I'm currently saving for 4 new tyres, Michelin or Bridgestone with nothing below B rating for fuel economy, grip in the wet and noise and I'm looking on www.tyreleaders.co.uk or .com which are a lot cheaper than other places I have looked. These will make a massive difference as I have Avon, Hankook and something else tyres at the moment lol came like that!


I have also considered replacing the suspension too with coilovers that'll lower the car about 2cm and improve the handling etc along with a strut brace in red to match the S badge red.


Not sure if that's way more than you want

to do with mine being an S and yours being a lower model but just some suggestions that a lot of Ford Fans seem to be doing in their own ways etc and if anyone has any advice or experience with the above please feel free to comment too 😊



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