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Fuel pressure sensor rewiring help 1.6 tdci

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Hi all,

Hopefully this is in the right section. I have been reading through the issues suffered by the 1.6 diesel engine from fuel filters, to fuel pumps and sensor wiring etc. 

My engine broke down a while back and I found it to be the plug that goes to the pressure sensor on the fuel rail. If you pushed the plug with your finger the engine would fire up, let if go and the engine stalled. I didn't think the engine would stop from a bad pressure reading. I assumed it would go into limp mode?

Anyway temporarily botching this with a cable tie the engine seemed to be okay apart from occasionally jerking/loosing power if you put the boot down. I put this down to the bad wiring as it felt electronic rather than fuel starvation. It basically felt like someone was switching the ignition off and on really quickly. I have changed the fuel filter as part of my service and cut the old one open to have a look and it was fine. I'm a marine engineer so i'm more than used to diesel bug and degraded fuel etc. The old filter was good so it must have been changed recently prior to me buying the car. I also removed the pressure sensor to check for metal filings in the fuel rail from the fuel pump.....all good. I have no fault codes relating to the fuel system although I do have one for the throttle body/EGR but I think it's just a sticky throttle body that needs cleaned or replaced (EGR IS BLANKED OFF & DIFFERENCE IS NIGHT & DAY)

P2142 - Exhaust gas recirculation/throttle control circuit a high 

Sorry to go on....basically can someone tell me the best way to cure the pressure sensor wiring? Should I cut it all out and run new wiring off the loom to the plug. Can I get a new plug to fit the sensor? Is it the plug itself or the wiring?

Thanks in advance. 



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