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power steering pressure switch

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Hi hope someone on here can help me yesterday came home from shopping and on way car was making a screeching sort of noise when i was turning the steering wheel sounded a bit like fan belt sort of noise when it need changing got home checked under bonnet and could see i had lost a lot of power steering fluid so had a look under car couldn't see where it was coming from at first but now looks like it is coming from the power steering pressure switch when i took the wire clip off and started engine again moved steering wheel it was dripping out of the sensor between  the pins where the wires where connect to i have a ford focus mk1 1.6l zebec-s estate efi  100ps its a 51plate now my question is i have seen switches on eBay for ford focus mk1 which look the same and part number is the same but they are for hatch backs and not estate but everything thing else is the same year engine size model and also some say for cars without aircon  well mine has aircon  but i dont use it so would i be able to fit a hatch back one in my estate as part number is the same or would i be able to fit one from a car without aircon in mine as long as i dont use the aircon sorry if this subject has been covered before need help asap 

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