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B1202 Fuel Sender Open Circuit And Fuel Gauge Not Working!

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Hi Everyone,

I've now got time to fix this problem with my Diesel Focus Ghia 06. Basically, the display says "Fuel Computer Data Error" and the gauge doesn't work.

What caused it was when I took it for it's MOT one time, I took it with very low diesel (just coincidence), everything was fine and when I picked it up, I was greeted with this error code. The company refused to take responsibility. I suppose these things happen.

Today I've used the ELM327 and got the above code. I've looked underneath the rear seats and can't see any panel to access the fuel sender, so I can't see anything!

I can't find any repair guides anywhere so I'm bidding on a Haynes manual on eBay! Has anyone got any tips on how to resolve this issue?

The weird thing is that even though the guage doesn't show the fuel level, the Forscan software seems to think the level is 27.06%! I let it tick over for about 10 mins and this level didn't drop, so I assume it's stuck?

What am I looking at here?

Thanks for your help!


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