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Front Camera Warning


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Whilst driving to work today I had a warning appear in my Speedo display stating "Warning Front Camera Error, Clean Screen"

As to the best of my knowledge the Edge does not have a front facing camera, I am working on the idea of the warning meaning the sensors in the front bumper, though don't know where the screen fits into all this.

Have been through the handbook to no avail. Am going to take another read of the book later, in case I missed the correct section the first couple of times I looked.


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On 24/12/2016 at 7:48 AM, Peter_B78 said:

Yeah it's talking about the camera used for reading traffic signs that is by the rear view mirror.

+1 ... it's also used for the lane assist too.

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Have found out that it is the Lane Assist, Traffic Sign Warning, Etc camera below rear view mirror.

Also noticed that it was being caused by a build up of condensation on the inside of the screen in front of this camera.

When I went through the onwers manual/handbook a couple more times, all I could find was a vague couple of lines on this.

On another note, my son said that I only had one rear light working, when checking, I found out he was talking about thr rear fog light.

Surely on a car of this calibre there would be two, rather than one rear fog light. Again handbook basically useless about this.


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