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Etis help?


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Hi I ordered the following 2 months ago:

Edge titanium auto

Oxford White

Heated steering wheel 

Lux pack

Led adaptive lights 

Premium sound system 


My build date was the 6th of Dec and I have my VIN but checking the list it gives you I don't seem to see anything relating to the upgraded sound system, heated wheel or upgraded headlights?


Has anyone got an idea what I should be looking for? 



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HI bradley,

I've got the sport which has the top end as standard and my ETIS shows the following for the radio related stuff ...

  • With GCC Radio Frequency
  •  Less Rear Seat Entertainment
  •  AM/FM/DAB Antenna
  •  ICE-Scd Dual/5th Ch/Tmc/Dab/Pd
  •  Ice Feature Pack 59
  •  With Diversity Antenna
  •  With 12 Speakers
  •  Radio Noise Supression 2
  •  Less Cell Phone Interface System
  •  Sync III
  •  Less Rear Seat Radio Controls
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ETIS seems to miss bits out.  Add your VIN to the end of this http://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin= and paste it into browser and you might get more accurate info.

It looks like yours was the built the day before mine.  Mine missed the boat that sailed on 23rd Dec but there are cars built on the 6th that did make it onto the boat.  Your car might be mid Atlantic by now.


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if you stick your VIN in the Cargo ID field here you will find out if your car is on the boat. Let me know if it is as it will mean mine is on the next one, I hope!


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On 30/12/2016 at 1:35 PM, Brad8988 said:

Shame you just missed my boat.

That's life.  Another boat currently in New York loading so here's hoping!  That said, it leaves tomorrow but doesn't get to Zeebrugge until 28th.  The boat after that leaves on 10 Jan and gets in 6 days before the first one!

Might be worth missing another boat:)

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