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Ford Kuga Full Beam Issue

Norfolk Wraith

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I have a 3 month old Ford Kuga 2016 - Titanium x - I have xenon head lights with self-levelling. Before I start this I must make it clear that the xenon part of the light works fine and so does the self-levelling. Now, when I put the full/main beam on the second "standard" bulb which is on the inside of the light is clearly wrongly aligned. The OSF /  driver's side is clearly point down, onto the road, so the full beam lights are wonky. Ford main dealer says this height can not be adjusted and it does correctly go up and down with the self-levelling, but the drivers side is always still pointing a lot lower down. Its is so bad the most of the pattern from the light is completely on the road about 25 feet in front of the vehicle. Now is this the same on all Kuga's with Xenon headlights, or can the full beam height be adjusted in relation to the dip xenon beam. Help please - This is not related to the yellow adjustment on top of the light !

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I have 2016 Kuga Titanium with halogen headlights. When main beam is used there is a distinct black line between the dipped beam and main beam, has anyone else had this problem and was it rectified either by dealer or Ford themselves?

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