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1.0 Ecoboost Spark Plug Service Intervals

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Howdy Everyone. What is the Ford service interval for the plugs?


I noticed on the PumaSpeed website that they recommend changing the 1.0 ecoboost engines plugs every "12-15k for high boost engines, 20k for stock motors"

I have 28k of Very hard miles on my 1.0 focus of which 7k have been with a superchips maps. So i remove one of the plugs (does require an unusual plug socket size):



And what do ya know, The gap is at the 0.7mm spec! and side by side with a new plug i cant see any wear. Looks like its burning nice too.


So lesson of the story yours plugs should definitely be more than fine at 28k especially on a normally driven stock tune engine.

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