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1 hour ago, Redskins said:

any advice before I go spending hundreds more?

Get a decent diagnostic scanner.

For DPF related problems, Forscan is by far the best, and it is free download for a Windows laptop, just £15 for the adapter. For a bit more it can be had as an App for Andriod or iOS phones/tablets etc.

£200 for a bit of hose & a forced regen (which Forscan can do for free) is absurd, and the EGR sounds a bit of a red herring.

The blunt truth is that it sounds like your DPF is getting clogged by ash, and a replacement may be needed. But there are other possibilities, the DPF DP sensor, the DPF exhaust temperature sensors, or run out of Eolys fluid. I would not be 100% sure those DP tubes they changed were done right without some check.

Without some system to read the codes you are completely blind, and at the mercy of the garages. With it, even if you can not do the work, you have some chance of detecting which garages are telling it right, and which are just inventing it.

I, and others here, can advise on how to use it, what to look for, etc. But without that hard information from the car's system, we can not offer much.

---- My standard intro to Forscan --

Forscan is a powerful Ford specific system, Cost £15.00 for the interface. Needs a computer of some sort. (COM port, USB, bluetooth or WiFi interfaces available). You will find a lot about ELM327 & Forscan on this site, which together provide a very comprehensive diagnosis & maintenance tool. James (jeebowhite) has done a nice guide:

Forscan works best on a Windows laptop, with a USB ELM. The Tunnelrat one (below) has been reported to work well by several people. Forscan is also available for iOS & Android for some tablets & phones.

For a USB ELM327 adapter, see

Wireless ELMs are also available (bluetooth & WiFi), but are often not as reliable as the wired ones. Also they are rare in the "modified" form which is needed to access the 2nd Ford bus system. This 2nd bus is the MS-CAN bus, and links all the car interior electronics like door modules, and the BCM (aka GEM). But a standard ELM will still work with all the Underbonnet Modules (PCM, ABS etc) and with the IC (Instrument Cluster).

For an bluetooth wireless ELM, which one user at least says works with Forscan, see the KW902:

The Forscan programme is free (in Windows format) and you can get it from:

Note: Simply reading the codes can do no harm, and does not change anything. Just do not reset the codes (and you would have to ask the scanner to do this) if you are going to take the car to a garage.


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