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Focus mk2.5 USB audio quality

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Hi all. I have a focus 58plate mk2.5 titanium which came with the Nokia bluetooth and voice control module. I Picked up a Novero unit with the usb cable and armrest port.

The Novero unit is: 8M5T - 19C112 - AS  and was taken out of a 2010 plate that was breaking.

I swapped the module over, and everything worked. Voice commands work, bluetooth streaming now works.

But the main thing that I wanted to work was the USB. I mean it does work and play music, but the quality of the sound is way of. it sounds almost as if its being amplified as if you were running a 3.5mm plug and having the equaliser on. From my readings on here, the USB is supposed to give the best playback in sound quality. This brings me onto my next point about the loom connector and mic patch cable.

Do I need to put those in? from what i have read. Those are needed if people are not recieving any sound at all. All of my functions work, Just the USB quality is not up to par with all the other modes. i also did the November 2012 firmware update on the sony unit which is a single slot mp3 version. Im baffled, so any help would be appreciated


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Just noticed today that the radio quality is the same as the USB quality. seems distorted in and not clear. Even though the new Novero bluetooth module works, would it need to be written in using the Elmconfig software with my vin? or have other users not had to do this.

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