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New Exhaust - Does it need Paste?


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Hi, I have fitted a new exhaust on my 2001 Mondeo Estate today, however when I look into it I couldn't find anything that said it needed paste between the joints...

Can anyone advised if the back joints need paste or not?

The front part has a gasket!



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21 minutes ago, dickeygreen said:

balls that means I've got to get some now :)

Try it without you might get lucky if you have got good U clamps 

i fitted a klarius exhaust not long ago on a mk3 estate and had to use paste, wouldn't seal without. 

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34 minutes ago, dickeygreen said:

Yeah might just buy some tomorrow and fit it while its still on the ramps... only cost £2..

I'm guessing I need to remove the U clamps and put it inside! :)

Yep, take the exhaust apart and smear a small amount on the smaller diameter part of the sleeve joint and then slide the next section over it and fit the clamp.

i tend to cure the paste with a blow torch or heat gun whatever is handy as I find it always seems to wash out otherwise. 

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So went to get some fuelgum however they didn't have any.. Even though online said they had 1 gggrrr

So bloke in the shop said this is exactly the same. (attached photo)


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