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1.6 tdci wont start Imobliser light flashing fast


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I have just finished do a fair amount of work on our cmax and went to start it and it wont start no click from the starter ( other electrics work) .

The immobiliser light just flashes fast when the key is in position 2.
Code on immobiliser is 16
this is a list of what work I carried  out that could have effected it.
(engine was removed)
new battery
new dmf and clutch kit
drive belt.
I have tried reading the car on my laptop and it won't connect!                  I have checked all fuses In The engine bay, tried unplugging c90, checked the starter 150amp fuse 
Car run perfect before hand.
I am completely stumped with what could cause this. 

Hope someone can help


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I got the car running tonight!!! so I thought even tho  I haven't had a reply I would still post what I did. 

Disconnected the battery and c90 (engine and pcm plug) for 5 minutes. 
Then connect both up.
Lock and unlock the car via the door 4 or 5 times. 
Then get in the car shut the door and put can in key program mode ( key in ignition from of to position 2  4 or 5 times quickly till bleep is heard) 
Then she started! 
Must have been because the battery was of for a couple of weeks and maybe the car thought it was trying to be stolen. 

Anyway hope this helps someone. 

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