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Screenwash Leak *Fixed*

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Greetings all.

I have an issue when filling my windscreen washer tank, when filling it runs and drips down onto the frontside tire, losing some of the fluid (around 50%) in the process. The water pump has been changed recently, and the issue was occurring before this, so I can only assume there is a leak or crack in the piping which feeds the tank. How can I go about diagnosing/repairing this?

Thanks in advance, Sam

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For anyone interested, or having a similar issue, this is how I diagnosed and fixed the problem.

First of all I removed the windscreen cowl and plastic cover next to the washer fluid cap. After this I removed the filler tube itself, plugged it with kitchen roll and poured water into it. No leaks appeared here, but there was a small cracking along the natural plastic seal, so I used a sealant mixture just in case..



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Following this, I jacked up the car and removed the wheel arch liner, this granted access to the screen wash reservoir tank. With the filler cap attached, I tested again by pouring in some water, however the leak was still present. 

I went ahead and detached the water pump and disconnected the electrical inputs, allowing me to remove the entire reservoir.

Examining and testing the tank with the same methods as before, I could find no issues or cracks. However, after firmly attaching the filler cap/tube to the seal of the reservoir, no leaks occurred, I came to the conclusion that it was simply the connection between the filler cap/tube and the screen wash reservoir that wasn't strong or sufficient enough.


So, quite simply, I cleaned the reservoir and reattached to the wheel arch. I then firmly pushed the filler cap into the seal of the reservoir and screwed back into position, lo and behold!! No more leakage! I tested the washers to make sure I had made all electrical connections again correctly and all was good. 

Problem solved! In conclusion, if you have this issue, test that the seal between the filler cap/tube is tight first and go from there! This will save you a lot of time and hassle removing the wheel arch and the entire tank! I hope this helps anyone who has the same leak!






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