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Ford Focus Engine(Coolant) Temperature Low

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I am new around here but i read some forum posts and I am experiencing a problem with my Ford Focus. I turn to you guys, maybe somebody can help me with an advice.

So i drive an 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 Ti-VCT and I live in Germany right now(the car is also registered here). This car was bought last year in September, and in December i had to change the Induction Coil, and also an oil change. I drive this car everyday to work, 100 km daily. 

Since last week I noticed that inside the car it is not warm anymore. Then i looked at the temperature gauge on the dashboard and i saw it is always low, it is not going up, barely above 60 degrees Celsius. Then i started monitoring this situation. I saw that driving around the city, 1st -2nd- 3rd gears everything was fine(70 degrees Celsius maybe 90 degrees Celsius) but once i hit the highway the temperature went down, and when i say down this means from normal running engine temperature(half on the gauge) to low in couple of minutes(2 minutes). I should mention that i drove my car to Romania where it was -15 degrees Celsius and had no problems, inside the car was warm and nice after about 10 minutes of driving(I never noticed anything until i noticed it is not so warm in the car anymore). Yesterday when I tried starting the car it took longer then usual, i had to try 3 times but today morning it started normally.

I read a lot on the forums about this situation and I think it is a faulty thermostat that is causing this situation and i already ordered one from€), right now I am waiting for it to arrive tomorrow and change it the same day at the mechanic. I spoke with my mechanic but he kind of had no idea what is going on, he only said it is unusual. So the thermostat i ordered is this one:

I am also not sure exactly which one i need, is it with 2 pipes or 3 pipes. I spoke with some guys from an Spare parts shop and they said their system tells them i need the one with 3 pipes, so I bought that one. I tried to look for mine under the hood, which one I do have exactly, but i can not see it, i need to take the headlamp off  then maybe i can see it, but i did not have the time to do it. 

After describing the situations what would you guys advise me to do?! Change the thermostat?! 

Thank you in advance and I wish all of you a beautiful day.

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