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2017 Ford Kuga

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Having owned my 2011 Focus Sport for 4 years is is now time for a change so I brought myself a 2017 Kuga Titanium





So I am now the proud owner of this 2017 Kuga 1.5 TDCI Titanium with appearance pack in impact blue.

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First job was to keep the floor clean so along with the included floor mats I also managed to get the dealership to include a boot liner saving me another £50


Next was to make better use of the SYNC 3 stereo and CarPlay. Having got fed up with my iPhone rolling around I managed to get hold of a Brodit active holder cheap off eBay and a Cmax vehicle bracket (same as the Kuga)


Then ran a lighting cable under the console trim back to the 2 USB ports in the armrest






Got a little tidy up job but will sort out after I get the shutter covering the cup holders replacement Monday as it has a couple of issues rolling back.

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Having enquired about remaps for the Kuga 1.5 tdci, it would appear no one has done any work on them yet, but managed to get a discounted rate on a bluefin unit to test the Focus 1.5 tdci mapping works on mine.
Received it during the week and installed it yesterday, and it decently makes a different.


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