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Mondeo Estate rear side light fault


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Hey guys. 

I have myself a 2012 Mondeo Estate and currently have an issue with rear daytime lights. The nearside cluster, both on body and boot lid are not working. 

My owners manual does not reference these lights, and im assuming these are individually fuse protected? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated in directing me to a fuse, etc? 


Thanks in advance 

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there is no fuse on the side light circuits, i assume thats whats your refering to ( rear daytime lights) 

if the circuit detects a fault ,then that circiut shuts down until the fault is fixed( normally a bulb fault) 

the circuits are controlled by the central junction box.

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Yes. Side light circuit is what i mean.

As the rear side lights are LED then i am assuming i will need to replace one of, or both nearside clusters to resolve the fault? Seems a very costly design flaw on Ford's part if so. 

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sounds like it. i would disconnect the connectors and check for a feed to each with side lights on. should be violet/green wire.

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