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Steve's Fiesta mk7.5 1.25 Zetec Nav

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So, the Blue Candy Fiesta has gone and Fiesta number 3 is here, this wee Candy Red number


Nothing done to it yet as I only picked it up from the stealers this evening.  Plus it was raining.  A lot!  One of the first jobs will be de-tangoing and changing all the interior lights to LED's.  My planned mods are in my signature.  Has anyone else with Candy Red got rim blades?  Would like to get some but not sure what colour to go for as the red is rather bright.  

My old car is not only already on the Trust Ford website (left it in this morning so the dealer could move the mud-flaps and spare wheel across to the new car) but there was  someone there considering buying it when I left!

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On 23/03/2017 at 8:39 AM, b4zz said:

looks a nice fiesta fella and like the sound of the mods planed

Thanks.  The plan is to keep it pretty stock but subtly upgrade it in areas.  Having seen a few with the honeycomb grille (and how well the chrome bars go with the colour) I'm actually going off the idea now.  

What I will say is that this car is a lot tighter and better built feeling than the previous one, which felt great but this seems to be a step up again (bare in mind the old car only had 12k on her so by no means worn).  Some of materials seem to have changed as well (especially the seats), and the engine feels almost as good as the last one (which took around 8k miles to start to open up a bit).  Very pleased though one omission on these newer models seems to be the ambient lighting - it just isn't there!  Planing to get an ST-line or similar centre console with the armrest now as well.

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