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coolant leak

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Hi, running out of options so thought I'd post on here.


we purchased a 2010 Diesel focus last weekend (11.03.2017) the car came with 3 months complimentary warranty (however the garage is 80 miles from home)

After 5 days the heaters were blowing cold, on a longer journey (30 miles) the warning light came on that the engine was overheating. Car went in to limp mode and we discovered there was no coolant in the reservoir. We managed to get to a garage 1 mile away and topped up the coolant - feeling a bit silly the problem was resolved.


on the return journey the same issue occurred. We pulled over to realise we were again out of coolant, clearly a fault.

We couldn't see that it was leaking at this point. We managed to get home and when engine was cool we checked oil to rule out the head gasket. Topped up the coolant and it stayed in the reservoir over night.... took for a drive and it drained out again. So assume that there is only a leak when the car is running. We put cardboard under the car and could clearly see the coolant dripping out (left side as I stand and look at the car)

we booked in to a garage and they had under pressure test and failed to find a fault.

we used the car again last night and the same thing happened again - although only drove around 5-6 miles.

There clearly is one!!

Anyone have any ideas as we daren't drive the car.  

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Need to find where from. With the engine running can you track down where it is coming from? Whether it does it from cold or only when warm and under pressure. Need to check all the rubber hoses and where they join to the engine block and radiator, just bear in mind when the engine is up to temperature it may be very hot water!

If you have the undershield in place you may need to remove it to see exactly where it's dripping from too.

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