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Blaupunkt HSRNS head unit intermittent ignition issue


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I have an issue with my head unit, model above, in my Ford S Max.

On occasion, it does not power on with the ignition because it doesn’t recognise the ignition has been switched on. I can activate it by manually turning it on by pressing the power button, but because it thinks the ignition is not on, it means that several features don’t activate: such as the climate control – and because this is all operated from the head unit it is not possible to manually override it to switch the climate control on manually. Selecting the relevant screens from the head unit doesn’t help as selecting the climate control or air con icons on the touch screen doesn’t do anything – they flash as if I have pressed them but they don’t stay alight and the fans do not come on. It really just acts as if the car ignition is not on at all (as I have mentioned!).

The only way to fix it seems to be to switch the ignition off, lock the car, and leave it for around 30 minutes then when you switch it on it seems to work as normal again with all features working correctly.

It does this around once a month and is frustrating. I've googled various terms to try and find an answer but I've had no luck. Has anyone got an advice they can offer? 

Many thanks,


John Banks




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