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Mk 1 Focus Key Issues


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Hey so about a week ago my drivers side door started having issues, I now am unable to unlock the car via the drivers door, I have to use the passenger side, but I can lock it fine from the drivers side, so at first I thought it was just the barrel in the door playing up, but then the past 2 or 3 days i'd been having issues getting the key to turn in the ignitions, it'd take a bit of wiggling and playing with it to make it work, then now I have just spent about 25 minutes playing with the ignition trying to get it to turn but nothing.


I spoke to my local ford garage this morning, and they've quoted me £180 for a new key, and even then they said that it's no guarentee that it'll fix the issue as it may need new ignition barrels, but for a car I only paid 120 for, admittedly it's had a new clutch and brakes and some work, i'm still not sure if I feel comfortable coughing up nearly £200 for a "maybe".


I'm completely stuck got no idea if there is any way to diagnose the problem, or if I do manage to get the key to turn to remove the ignition lock cylinder how i'd go about replacing it whether i'd need a new set of keys to go with it or get a cylinder that works with my existing key, got no clue, anyone able to help?


TL;DR/Summary; Key doesn't work in ignition or unlock drivers side door, works fine on boot and passenger doors.

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have you tried oiling the locks. maybe wd40 first to get any stuck parts moving and then once working again put some oil in there.

I have had trouble with these type of locks and keys. Years ago I bought a 1987 mk4 ford escort 2nd hand and had sam kind of problems as you. II ended up replacing the whole lock set / keys (with a 2nd hand set off a mk3 escort which had old type traditional keys and only needed a little modification to fit).

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